Invitation for Institution Subscription

The following information is about online subscriptions to Transactions to JSASS and Aerospace technology Japan

1. Subscription Fee (annual)

a) 64,800JPY-Universities,Educational organaizations,National or public research organaizatins and Libraries.
b) 216,000JPY-Companies

*You will be authorized to make an online access to Transactions of JSASS and Aerospace Technology Japan on the website J-STAGE :
Transactions of JSASS :
Aerospace Technology Japan:
*You can view last 5Years of Journals (for free access more than 5years)
*It is necessary to purchase the accessing right per organization not per facility.
*For example some organizations have their facilities in different towns or citie,; in that case you only need to be authorized by the organization not by each facility.

2. Method (procedure) of Authorization

Authorization basically should be done with the fixed global IP address.
*One organization can resister IP addresses in plural (but not so many) for one accessing right.
*Number of simultaneous accessing is unlimited but “accessing right” is not synonymous with “simultaneous accessing number”.
*In case you do not have the global IP address please consult us2. Method (procedure) of Authorization

3. Period of subscription contract

Subscription contract starts from April 1st and is valid through March 31st in the following year and will be automatically renewed every year.
In case subscription starts sometime after April annual subscription fee can be recalculated into monthly amount and you are only required to pay the actual amount arising the subscription starting month through March 31st in the first contract year.

4. Starting day of contract

In case of new contract it starts functioning on 1st day of the possible month.
When application form reaches JSASS by 20th of a month contract is to start functioning on 1st of the following month.
After receiving application from JSASS will send an invoice for accessing right purchasing to the applicant and it is necessary for the contractor to have payment completed within 1 month counting from the day on which the invoice is received.