President’s Message

Prof.Kojiro Suzuki
The University of Tokyo

Use JSASS, Prosper with JSASS!

54th President’s Message

Dear JSASS members

It’s a great honor for me to have a chance to present my greetings on this occasion of my appointment as the 54th president of The Japan Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences (JSASS).

Since I joined JSASS as a student member more than 40 years ago, I have been continuously receiving the various services from JSASS as a place to meet the people in aerospace engineering, a place to find exciting information, a place to make a presentation on recent results of my study, and specifically, as a place to keep myself highly motivated in my life. The society have been always providing me the home place, to which I can be back at any time I want.

I promise you. I will make my best effort to let JSASS be always a comfortable home place in the aerospace engineering for everyone.

As many members may have already known, in the 54th period (Fiscal Year 2022), we have decided to start two enterprises, that is, the junior membership and the certification of aerospace engineering heritage.

In the junior membership system, we are going to welcome the young generation of the age from 16 to 20. Needless to say, the most essential driving force in the aerospace engineering is “an ability to have a dream.” Let us listen to what they are talking with their excellent ability of dreaming. And let us make our effort to realize it. I do believe that such generation-to-generation connection must be one of the fascinating features of JSASS. In addition, there is another expected function in the junior membership. As many of you already realized, we have a serious problem about the gender equality in the aerospace engineering. What should we do? We may be able to find an answer to this question, analyzing the voices from the generation of the junior membership and extracting a hint to solve the problem from them.

The certification of aerospace engineering heritage will give JSASS a function to connect the things at present to those in the past. One technical establishment has never happened as an isolated single event. One technology links to another one in the manner of inspiring and being inspired. This new system will visualize a line of technologies and a thick layer of such lines. The flow visualization of technologies surely gives us hints, alarms, inspiration for innovative ideas in the future, and so on. In that sense, we should memorize the achievements of the losers due to failure and/or cancellation of the projects as well as those of the winners.

At the end of my message, let me emphasize that JSASS is for all of you. I wish all of you prosperous using the system of JSASS. Once you come to the place of JSASS, you can forget about the difficulty you are facing in your own place, and enjoy warm atmosphere as an aerospace person. That is the goal of JSASS, I suppose.

Use JSASS and prosper with JSASS!