President’s Message

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
Isao Kawano

“To the Japan Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences, where colleagues gather 

53rd President’s Message

I would like to extend my greetings to all of you on the occasion of my appointment as the 53rd president. I truly feel tense to be appointed president of the Japan Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences.

Last year was a year filled with a mood of self-restraint from the COVID-19, but I think the return of the Hayabusa2 recovery capsule to Earth was a topic that gave dreams and hopes to the people. When we say “dream,” I think that the dreams of “flying like a bird” and “going to space” led to invention of airplanes and made space flight a reality in the field of aerospace that has developed to realize dreams. The fact that I was born in the year of Colonel Gagarin’s first human spaceflight and the chance to be elected as the president was like my destiny. Along with that, I feel the guidance of stars and I intend to do my utmost for the development of aerospace in our country.

Our academic society is centered on researchers and engineers of aerospace. However, to emphasize interdisciplinary areas and diversity following the increasing complexity of society, I would like to invite people who are thinking about research and business using aviation and space, and people who are interested in arts and hobbies to participate. So we can provide opportunities for information exchange and human interaction.

Although aerospace is also facing a major challenge due to the pandemic. But I believe that “Through every dark night, there’s a bright day after that” and I would like to explore ways to contribute to the aerospace industry after the pandemic and make it a society in which we can be proud to be members through social contribution.

To make it easier for our members to continue academic activity, we have decided to offer a 1000 yen discount on the annual membership fee for automatic withdrawal of bank accounts at the resolution of Akiko Matsuo, the 52nd term president. In the 53rd term, we will continue to work on the following initiatives for the benefit of our members and make our academic society that is easy to participate in and has a sense of belonging and pride. Thank you for your cooperation and participation. (It would be great if you could read the greeting in the June issue of the Journal of the Japan Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences as well.)

  1. Maintaining, revising, and recommending the Aerospace Vision and creating new research fields.

Regarding the aeronautical vision and the space vision established in the previous fiscal year, we will examine and maintain and revise the future image of aerospace in consideration of new technologies and changes in the world situation after the pandemic, as well as the vision and the technology road-map to reach it. We will also make proposals to the relevant ministries and agencies so that they can be incorporated into aerospace policies. In addition, I would like to explore ways to contribute to society as an academic society by creating new research fields through research on the fusion of aeronautical and space technologies such as hydrogen airplane, liquid hydrogen-fueled rocket, aircraft safety technology, and safety technology for manned spacecraft, utilization of QZSS (Quasi-Zenith Satellite System) to realize drones and flying cars, and research on the lunar base of energy/material circulation type.

  1. Efforts to revitalize the aerospace industry

We will strengthen cooperation with related societies such as  The Society of Japan Aerospace Companies (SJAC), listen to the opinions of our corporate members, and get the activities of the Space Business Co-creation Committee, which was established in the 52nd term, into orbit, and explore ways to contribute to the revitalization of the aerospace industry after the pandemic. These activities will be carried out in cooperation with activities to maintain and revise the Aerospace Vision and to create new research fields.

  1. Provide presentation opportunities and useful information

< Transactions > We will strive to increase the impact factor of collecting documents, and shorten the period of peer review for papers of Transaction of JSASS. Also, improve the attractiveness of the recipients of research results as a submission destination.

< Journal > We will continue our efforts to make it a useful and interesting journal.

< Conference > Although we cannot foresee the end of the pandemic, we will continue to strive to make it possible to present research and development results, engage in meaningful discussions, and exchange information at the conference regardless of whether they are held online or on-site.

< Twitter, email magazine > In addition, we will provide members with timely and useful information through Twitter, email magazines, etc.

  1. Honoring of Member’s R & D Achievements

In April this year, the results of the research and development of the members received the “Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology Award” and the “Japan Industrial Technology Grand Prize” based on the recommendation of our academic society. In addition to the selection of the JSASS Awards, we will endeavor to recognize the achievements of the members’ research and development by recommending them to more prestigious awards such as the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology Award.

I have been indebted to JSASS for almost 40 years since I was a student member, and I am very glad that I have joined the society. I think it is a way to return the gratitude to the society to provide a place for  exchange of information about research, development, and utilization in the fields related to aerospace. Making it becomes a society where members can easily participate and have a sense of belonging and pride, or a place where aerospace colleagues can gather. If you are considering joining the academic society, I hope that you will join us as a member of aerospace.

We look forward to your support and cooperation for our society that can contribute to the development of aerospace science, technology, and industry in our country.