Regulations of Online Subscription to JSASS Journal.

Article 1 : Definition of this service

In this service The Japan Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences (JSASS) provides periodical publications (mentioned below) through internet as electric journal service.

*Transaction of JSASS, Aerospace technology Japan

Contents or data in this service might be changed without previous notification.

Article 2 : Acceptable organizations are limited.

Universities, educational organizations, national or public research organizations, libraries and companies or those which are equivalent to the aforementioned could only be able to apply for this service.

Article 3 : Authorization

All applicable organizations are to fill in the application form after agreeing with the regulations and could start using this service having their global IP address registered.
Period of contract is 1 year and contract renewal is to be made automatically every year except request for cancellation of contract is made by contractor by March 1st through prescribed procedure.

Article 4 : Limitation

Copyright of publications and data in this service belongs to JSASS.
It is strictly forbidden to sell or buy, publish, distribute, modify or divert the data in the publication in this service or to download it in mass amount or in systematic method.
This service can only be used by the authorized users who (1) belong to the organization which has subscription contract including registered IP address with JSASS and also who (2) are actually be able to visit the authorized organizations’ facility and use the terminal computer in its privilege.
Authorized users are permitted to read the contents of this service on the screen and download and also print out (only once) the publication contents for personal use.
They could also lend the printed out documents upon request from non-profitable libraries.

Article 5 : Subscription fee (annual)

Full subscription: a)30,000JPY+TAX-Universities,Educational organaizations,National or public research organaizatins and Libraries.b)100,000JPY+TAX-Companies.
Those fares do not include communication tools, materials, circuit usage or connecting charge that are to be paid by contractors or individuals in them.

Article 6 : Method of payment

Payment concerning this service is to be made according to the instruction mentioned in the invoice.
It is necessary to make a payment of the annual total amount and it is not refundable for any reason even if contract is cancelled before its expiration.

Article 7 : Information of contractor

According to the law any information of contractor such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc. ,being kept as confidential matter by JSASS and its affiliated system controlling companies, should not be exposed to the third party except JSASS’s affiliated organizations or the case in which legally required.
Those information of contractors can be used by JSASS, when supposedly useful for JSASS and contractors, for sales and propaganda purpose for the affiliated organizations’ products and possible service except the case in which contractors’ disapproval is presented.

Article 8 : Prohibitions

JSASS has the right to cancel the contract in case any breach by contractor is found out repeatedly in spite of warning.Under-mentioned acts are prohibited.

  1. Infringement or supposedly infringing act on the copyright of JSASS.
  2. Act that causes or supposedly cause any damage or loss to JSASS.
  3. Applying with wrong IP address that does not belong to the contractor.
  4. To download the data in the publication in this service in mass amount or in systematic method.
  5. Representative retrieving in this service without permission from JSASS or using service and its data for profitable purpose including preparatory act for those.

Article 9 : Confirmation of notification

JSASS will interpret contractor is always available to receive e-mail within the settled average period of time when mail is sent to the correct registered address.

Article 10 : Suspension and disqualification

JSASS, without advance notice, has the right to suspend contractor from using this service and to have them disqualified for using it in case any breach or delay of payment is found and also disconnection through to the registered e-mail address occurs.

Article 11 : Compensation

JSASS has the right to claim compensation for damage and loss against contractor in case any breach of contract or violation of law done by the contractor is found.

Article 12 : Escape clause

JSASS, makes assurance doubly sure of course, but would not be responsible for damage or loss to contractor occurred by using this service system or non-functioning of system and also for any inevitable inconvenience such as data miss-renewing, disconnection while maintenance procedure by provider and any technical machine trouble.
JSASS could not guarantee having this service system function correctly in every contractor’s environment especially it is settled by contractor for particular and individual purpose.
JSASS could not guarantee the safety, accuracy, applicability and usefulness of the information that contractor obtain through this service system.

Article 13 : Termination

JSASS has the right to terminate contract by, at the latest, 30 days advance notice when service becomes improper to function under unpredictable or inevitable circumstance.

Article 14 : Cancellation

Contractor is to notify JSASS of request for cancellation of contract by 20th March each year through the certain procedure before it is renewed.
No refund of subscription fee can be made in case cancellation is made on contractors’ request and after cancellation no service could be provided for contractor and no access can be made to electric journal.

Article 15 : Alteration of regulation

JSASS has the right to alter the regulation including adding or eliminating clauses without previous notice.

Article 16 : Conformity and jurisdiction

This regulation is to conform to the Japanese law and in case any disagreement or trouble occurs between JSASS and contractor the first trial subjects to the jurisdiction of the Exclusive Court of the Tokyo District Court if necessary.

Article 17 : Mutual agreement

In case any doubtful points, not clearly stated in the regulation, are found JSASS and contractor are both to discuss and try to reach the possible mutual agreement.