Excellent Presentation Awards(Conferences/ Symposia)

The JSASS Excellent Presentation Awards were established in 2008 for the excellent presentations on conferences/symposia hosted by JSASS and the awards are presented every year. There are also other awards for some conferences/symposia.

– JSASS Excellent Presentation Awards for Students (incl. graduate students)
– JSASS Excellent Presentation Awards for Young Researchers (Under 35)
– JSASS Excellent Presentation Awards (No age restriction)

Eligibility of Recipients
– Recipients must be the first author and the speaker of a paper and a member of JSASS.

A List of Recipients

The 58th Space Sciences and Technology Conference
12-14 November 2014
– Best Paper Award for Students Session

Shota Kikuchi (The University of Tokyo)
Quasi-Periodic Orbit Design and Stability Analysis around an Asteroid Using Impulsive Delta-V

-Young Researcher Award (Excellent Paper)
Kazuya Namba (The University of Tokyo)
The Effect of Projectile Shape on the Penetration of Cryo-penetrator into Icy Target

Kouhei Yamaguchi (Kyoto University)
Electric Sail Kinetic Impactor for Near Earth Asteroid Deflection Missions

The 52nd Aircraft Symposium
8-10 October 2014
– Best Presentation Award for Students 

Waypoint Arrangement in 4D Trajectory for Cruise Air Traffic Control
Masanori Tachibana (Nagoya University)

Estimation Method for Structural Damping Characteristics in a 3-row Riveted Lap Joint of Aircraft Structure under Loading
Jo Nishimuro (Waseda University)

The 56th JSASS/JSME/JAXA Structures Conference
6-8 August 2014
– Young Researcher Award 

Yusuke Akaike (The University of Tokyo)
Response of Elastic Waves to Wrinkles on a Membrane and Basic Study of Application for Shape Measurement

The 46th Fluid Dynamics Conference/The 32nd Aerospace Numerical Simulation Symposium
3-4 July 2014
– Best Paper Award for Fluid Dynamics Category 

Masaharu Kameda (TUAT), Masahide Yoshida (TUAT), Tsubasa Sekiya (TUAT), Kazuyuki Nakakita (JAXA)
Humidity Effects in the Response of Porous Anodized Alumina PSP

– Best Paper Award for Numerical Simulation Category
Soshi Kawai (ISAS/JAXA)
High-fidelity Numerical Simulation of Transcritical Turbulent Boundary Layers at Supercritical Pressures

The 45th JSASS Annual Meeting
10-11 April 2014
– Excellent Presentation Award for Young Researchers

Taku Nonomura (JAXA)
Quantitative Prediction of Aeroacoustic Waves from a Transitional Supersonic Jet