Excellent Presentation Awards(Conferences/ Symposia) (2020)

Excellent Presentation Awards (Conference/Symposium) (2020)

The JSASS Excellent Presentation Awards were established in 2008 for the excellent presentations on conferences/symposium hosted by JSASS and the awards are presented every year. There are also other awards for some conferences/symposium.


– JSASS Excellent Presentation Awards for Students (incl. graduate students)
– JSASS Excellent Presentation Awards for Young Researchers (Under 35)
– JSASS Excellent Presentation Awards (No age restriction)

Eligibility of Recipients

– Recipients must be the first author and the speaker of a paper and a member of JSASS.

A List of Recipients

The 58th Aircraft Symposium  25-27 November 2020

– Best Paper Award for Students Session

Kousuke Nakagawa (Tokyo University of Science)
Naoki Taniguchi ( Tokyo Metropolitan University)

The 64th Space Sciences and Technology Conference 27-30 October 2020

-Young Researcher Award (Excellent Paper)

Yusuke Ooki (JAXA)
Kouji Fujita (Tohoku University)
Ryo Suzumoto (University of Tokyo)

-Best Student Session Award

kenshin Nagamine (Tokyo Metropolitan University)

The 62nd JSASS/JSME/JAXA Structures Conference 5-7 August 2020

-Young Researcher Awards

Mio Sato ( Tokyo University of Science)
Kouta Takamoto ( Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)

The 52nd Fluid Dynamics Conference/ Aerospace Numerical Simulation Symposium 28-30 September 2020

-Best Paper Awards for Fluid Dynamics Category 

-Best Paper Awards for Numerical Simulation Category

The 51st JSASS Annual Meeting  2020