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 Sunport Hall Takamatsu and Takamatsu City

Takamatsu City is located facing the calm, island-dotted Seto Inland Sea. Takamatsu is the central manag0.85ent city for Shikoku island in Japan. Takamatsu is locatd in Kagawa prefecture, where the prefecture govenment is located. Takamatsu has been developed as a port city closest to the Honshyu island and as an entrance city of Shikoku island. There are a lot of branch offices of nationwide companies and national governments. Takamatsu is the center of economy in Shikoku island. Takanatsu has a humid subtropical climate with hot summers and cool winters.

The symposium venue, Sunport Hall Takamatsu, is close to Takamatsu railway central station, bus station and Takamatsu port. Takamatsu airport is about 30 minutes by airport shuttle. There are direct flights from/to Haneda (Tokyo), Incheon (Seoul) and Pudong (Shanghai). The sunport hall Takamatsu is a symbol building in the Sunport area of Takanatsu City, facing at Seto Inland Sea.

Takamatsu faces at Seto Inland Sea, and has a lot of seafoods. It is also famous for "Sanuki Udon", a Japanese noodle. You can enjoy a lot of good foods and sight seeing spots in Takamatsu. We are looking forward to seeing you in Takamatsu.

 Access to Sunport Hall Takamatsu

It takes about 3 minutes from JR Takamatsu station. From Takamatsu airpor, there is airport limousine bus to Takamatsu station (It takes about 45 minutes). From Kansai international airport, an airport limusine bus to Takamatsu station is also available.