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 Scope at Asian Joint Conference on Propulsion and Power

 The first Asian Joint Conference on Propulsion and Power was held at Seoul National University in 2004. After that, the conference has been held every two years in Korea, Japan and China, alternatively. This time, the Aerospace Propulsion Technical Committee of the Japan Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences is the organizer of the conference.

1stMarch 4-6,2004Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
2ndJanuary 27-29,2005The Kitakyusyu International Conference Center, Kitakyusyu,Japan
3rdApril 20-23,2006Friendship Hotel, Beijing, China
4thMarch 6-8,2008Gyeongju TEMF Hotel, Gyeongju, Korea
5thMarch 4-6,2010Miyazaki Kanko Hotel, Miyazaki, Japan
6thMarch 1-4,2012Grand New World Hotel, Xi'an, China
7thMarch 5-8,2014Jeju Grand Hotel, Jeju Island, Korea
8thMarch 16-19,2016Sunport Hall Takamatsu, Japan