Important Dates

Abstract Submission Deadline May 20, 2016 -> June 3, 2016
Notification of Paper Acceptance June 17, 2016
Paper Submission Deadline for Peer Review July 15, 2016
Paper Review Feedback to Authors August 12, 2016 -> August 26, 2016
Paper Submission Deadline September 2, 2016 -> September 16, 2016

On-line Journal

The editorial committee of JSASS in cooperation with APISAT-2016 National Organizing Committee in Japan is planning a Special Issue of the online peer-review journal "Transactions of JSASS, Aerospace Technology Japan", (refereed below as "Special Issue") as a collection of selected APISAT 2016 papers.

Authors who will present their work at APISAT-2016 and would like to have their papers considered for publication in the Special Issue should inform the National Organizing Committee by sending an email to by October 17, 2016.

In order to be considered for publication in the Special Issue, the papers should satisfy the following criteria:

  1. The main author must submit an email to the National Organizing Committee stating their intention for submission to the Special Issue.
  2. The author must present the paper orally at APISAT-2016.
  3. The paper is nominated by APISAT committees and/or session chairperson.
  4. The paper has not been published anywhere else, or is not under review for publication in any other journal.
  5. The paper is peer-reviewed according to the review policy of "Transactions of JSASS, Aerospace Technology Japan" to ensure it complies with the quality standard of the journal. The Special Issue will include around 30 papers which have successfully passed the peer-review process.
  6. The author agrees to pay the publication charge once the paper is selected for the Special Issue. If the first author is not a member of JSASS, an extra fee equivalent to the annual due of a regular member of JSASS is going to be charged. Payment of the extra fee entitles the author to free electronic access to the JSASS on-line journals for one year after the publication.

Please note that papers who meet the qualifying criteria above can be considered for publication in the Special Issue regardless of them being peer-reviewed or not during the APISAT-2016 paper submission process.

Paper Submission

Paper Submission and Registration

Notice to all authors

All authors must submit your paper by 2 September 2016.

Notice to authors who have requseted a "Peer Review"

The authors who have requested a "Peer Review" must submit your papers by 15 July 2016. A letter of reviewer's comments will be sent to the corresponding author by 12 August 2016.

Registration for Presenting Author

The presenting author will be required to register for the Symposium and submit a full paper in order to ensure their presentation is included in the final program. Presenters who have not registered by the deadline date (2 Sep. 2016) will be removed from the program.

Abstract Submission

Authors should submit abstracts in the form of a paper summary consisting of 400-500 words. The abstract should describe objectives, results, conclusions, innovative steps and the significance of your work. It is encouraged to include several key figures and important references. Short abstracts will be de-weighted in the selection process. Abstracts will be accepted in PDF format only. Prospective authors should submit their papers electronically at the following link.

Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission have been closed.

Student Award

A student award will be presented to the best paper authored by an undergraduate or graduate student. The award will be given based on the scientific contribution and originality of the paper, as well as the quality of the presentation given at the symposium. The qualifying criteria are listed below:

  • The first author of the paper must be a full-time undergraduate or graduate student who has not yet completed their Ph.D. by the date of the symposium, i.e. must be a full-time student as of October 27, 2016.
  • The student author of the paper must be responsible for the major part of the research presented in the paper. The research must be the author's original work, NOT yet presented at other conferences and/or journals.
  • The student author must have requested a peer review and submitted a final version of their paper by September 16, 2016, reflecting the reviewer's comments.
  • The student author must notify the organizing committee by email by September 16, 2016, of his/her intentions to apply for the Student Award.
  • The student author must attend the symposium and present the paper in person.
  • By applying for the APISAT student award, the student declares that he/she meets the criteria listed above. Upon request by the organizing committee, the student author should be able to submit an official confirmation of their student status, issued by the educational institution at which the author is enrolled. In such a case, the student will be contacted by the organizing committee prior to the symposium.

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