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President's Message

Message from the 48th President

Keisuke SAWADA

Professor, Tohoku University


Let’s Participate in the JSASS Conferences and Symposiums!


This is to describe my inauguration greeting as the 48th president of the Japan Society of Aeronautics and Space Sciences (JSASS). 

The JSASS has about 3,000 full members and 1,000 student members. The annual budget of the JSASS is in between 130 million yen to 170 million yen depending on whether the ISTS meeting is held or not. Unfortunately, we needed to have deficit budgets for last several years. However, thanks to various improvements which were achieved by the past board of directors, the financial result of 47th as well as the budget of 48th became surplus. 

Various ideas for promoting activities of the JSASS have also been attempted under the leadership of past presidents, and therefore it is rather difficult to find a new and smart idea for further improvements. Instead, I would like to promote the JSASS meetings (conferences and symposiums) where engineers and researchers from one discipline can exchange views and opinions with people from different disciplines. I believe that this is the correct path for the JSASS to pursue activation of aerospace industries in Japan.

Last year, we witnessed the maiden flight of MRJ which is a new commercial airplane bearing the name of the company for the first time in the last 50 years. We also know several other new Japanese aircrafts recently built in business jet market and in defense areas. Thus the scale of aerospace industries is expected to expand rapidly in the coming years. On this occasion, let us gather in the JSASS meetings to celebrate the beginning of the new era in aerospace industries, and promote discussions in technical topics and new projects aiming for future aerospace developments in Japan. 


Keisuke Sawada

Professor, Tohoku University 

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