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President's Message


Message from the 49th President

Toshinori WATANABE

Professor, The University of Tokyo


I was appointed as the 49th term President of the Japan Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences (JSASS). I am deeply honored to serve such a prestigious society with a long history. JSASS has actively conducted international exchanges and cooperation with the other societies in Japan as well as enhancement of academic journals. Our society has 16 authorized technical committees covering various technical fields with about 3,000 full members and 1,000 student members.

Fortunately, the participants of the society events have been increasing in these years. Professor Keisuke Sawada, the former President, called for the participation with the slogan, “Participate in the meetings”, resulted in a clear effect. I would like to continue this trend, and to promote the information exchange and networking at all conferences. It should be a fundamental activity as an academic society.

In August, 2014, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology issued a R&D vision of next generation aircraft. In 2015, the Deputy Secretary General of the Cabinet chaired a meeting in which all related ministries with aircraft technology were involved. They issued a vision for aeronautical industry in December, 2015, with a view to the development of complete aircrafts and engines under the cooperation of industry, government and academia. It is hoped that research and development will make great progress as a result of such cooperation.

For future aerospace technologies, a wide range of engineering fields other than the conventional ones will be necessary. For example, electrical engineering, IoT, chemical engineering, etc., would become more and more important.

JSASS wishes to strive to establish a platform for the cooperation with industry, government, academia, as well as the cooperation with various technology fields.


Toshinori Watanabe

Professor, The University of Tokyo

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